Art Therapy: Photography Activities

This month, Skylight Mental Health Art Therapist, Nora, shares some photography activities to invite curiosity and inspire a new way of looking at the world around you. If you enjoy photography and would like to take part in a photography competition for Mental Health Month 2021, have a look at outfromthemist.com - entries close on 24th September 2021. Skylight Mental Health may be able to offer a discount on entry fees, call 8378 4100 for more information.

If you're interested in Art Therapy (group or individual sessions available), you're welcome to contact our Customer Relations Team on 8378 4100.

Macro Magic

For a moment, spend some time noticing your surroundings and stop when you spot a scene or object that catches your eye. With your camera or your phone camera, play with the zoom function to focus in. With a curious mind, explore your new perspective. Are there any new details that now stand out? Is there anything that you didn't notice before?

You could also pull the zoom function out or move back further from the scene/object. Can you see the bigger picture?

Photo credit: Aaron Burden @aaronburden


Tap into some sensory fun through touch and photography!

Take notice of your surroundings. Are there any textures present that evoke inner feelings? It could be something soft and cuddly like a scarf that might make you feel calm and centred or chalk that is sandy and gritty in nature. Use your camera to document this sensory experience.

What did you notice?

Photo credit: Matthew Henry @matthewhenry


"There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in" – Leonard Cohen

Take a moment to explore the contrast of the light and dark in your personal world. Observe how they interact with each other. Photograph a perspective that resonates most with you. Explore further if you can play within the shadows or illuminate areas of darkness?

Be creative with this theme and we'd love to see your interpretation

Photo credit: Klara Kulikova @kkalerry

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