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At Skylight we understand that when a person experiences a mental illness they are not the only ones affected by the change in behaviours, the symptoms and the 'diagnosis'. Families and friends need information and support too.

Carer Support Programs provide education and give options to the person experiencing mental illness and to their families and friends. The programs use research evidence and the first hand knowledge of facilitators who share their experiences and wisdom as carers. There's nothing more powerful than hearing about the impact of mental illness from those who have lived it.

We offer various options for individuals who are supporting people living with a mental illness, as well as for the person themselves. We have a program for families, a Drug and Alcohol and Mental Illness program, a program for couples in metropolitan Adelaide and family programs in rural areas.

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"Life has changed from feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and not being able to get off the couch, to hopeful, engaged and looking forward to the future." 

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