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In keeping with the recovery approach at Skylight, our counsellors believe that with appropriate supports and conditions, people have the capacity to deal with their own issues and assume greater control and influence over living fulfilling lives.

Our counsellors can also assist you to connect with other services in the community and provide you with mental health information and education.

Counselling complements a range of recovery oriented programs offered at Skylight.

Our Counselling team can help people to

  • Increase understanding and insight
  • Discover new ways of looking at things
  • Learn and try helpful strategies
  • Take charge of their own wellness

Counselling is having someone who is perceptive, caring and non-judgmental listen to your story, understand your struggles in life and your responses to them and notice what is important to you. Counselling does not impose advice and solutions. Your counsellor will help you to clarify your situation and the elements you have control over, explore possible options and discover your own solutions. 

Counselling is also an opportunity to learn about and try a range of effective skills and strategies to build resilience and better handle difficult thoughts and feelings. The counselling process supports you to make choices about which approaches and actions will be most helpful for you.  


The Open Dialogue approach

Skylight has been experiencing great progress in their counseling team using The Open Dialogue approach.  If you are not familiar with this approach, following is some information from Ben Swift regarding The Open Dialogue approach.

“The Open Dialogue approach to mental health crises developed in Finnish Western Lapland is reporting high rates of recovery for people experiencing first episode psychosis (and indeed may also useful for other mental health challenges).  In the approach, teams of up to 3 practitioners work within a person's family and social network to engage all of those involved in inclusive, respectful conversations that enhance understanding of what has occurred and allows solutions to emerge naturally.

Skylight, through its counselling team, currently has some limited capacity to work with families using an Open Dialogue Informed approach. This work involves a series of “Family Network Meetings” in which a family (+ relevant others where appropriate) can meet to explore the current situation they are dealing with in a way that respects the experiences of each member of the network and allow “self-evident solutions” (Jaako Seikkula, psychologist in Open Dialogue team, Finland) to arise through the process of dialogue.”

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